The Saxaflute..Bamboo and Exotic hardwood saxophones

Natural bamboo Saxaflutes. An exotic bamboo of the usual natural appearance. In ALTO and TENOR. £75.00.

Black bamboo Saxaflutes. Deep rich sound. ALTO and TENOR. Varity of keys. £85.00

Hard wood bamboo Saxaflutes. In varity of models and fingering. Professional models. £95.00 .

Speciality items and one off designs in exotic hard woods. Each piece uniquely created.


Hand made bamboo saxophones.

The SAXAFLUTE has been seen demonstrated at many Markets and festivals all over Europe. Johnny has appeared playing them at many diferent venues. The sound quality can not be matched by any mini sax, pocket sax or other small sax on the planet and that's guaranteed. Countless events and numerous festivals..

Saxaflute Hardwood Bamboo in G. from Mr Saxaflute on Vimeo.

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