Johnny's bamboo saxophone 'THE SAXAFLUTE', is made from the finest sourced bamboo. Hand picked to ensure the very best quality from the different types of bamboo used for musical instrument making. The same can be said for the exotic hard woods also used.

The Saxaflute is Perfect for beginners, experimental musicians, acoustic bands and travelling saxophone players. Constructed from the principle body of a flute with an Alto sax mouthpiece which has been carefully designed by myself to resonate better with the bamboo and hardwood, producing the amazing sound of a real saxophone. Easy to learn and fun to play. Each saxaflute is individually hand crafted and then tuned to a major scale.

Carefully selected bamboo and wood from quality suppliers. After years or sourcing the best materials I find it is ever more important to visit the supplier myself to ensure the finest quality is used for my instruments. There are four choices of Saxaflutes. Natural Bamboo, black bamboo which is darker in appearance and tone, Hardwood bamboo, (bamboo as tough as wood,) which has a thick, solid feel and creates the best bamboo sound quality and hard wood Saxaflutes made from a selection of exotic hardwoods.

The hard wood Saxaflutes are limited editions and one of a kind. Stock changes daily so best to take a look at the selection on line in the shop.. Available in Bb, A, G, F, E and D. Similar to a tin whistle and recorder fingering. The most popular options are A for Alto saxophone sound and G for Tenor Saxophone. Each Saxaflute is chromatically tuned so that it can be played with other instruments.

Help in choosing.

Need help in choosing the right Saxaflute for you or a friend. Follow these simple tips which have proved very successful for many customers. Firstly forget about the key of real saxophones. That will just confuse you. They are Eb for Alto and Bb for Tenor sax. We all know that so just forget it for the moment. In the world of Saxaflute ones tuned to A have the same sounding as an ALTO sax. Ones tuned in G sound deeper. Like a Tenor sax. So that is all you need to remember. A = ALTO , G = TENOR.

So what sounds of the sax do you like? Charlie Parker or Lester Young. Bebop fast jazz or Billie Holiday and sax players (Lester Young) Romance or fast. Saxaflutes tuned to A for Charlie Parker or Baker Street. Saxaflutes tuned in G for the kind of sax that sounds sexy. Late night smokey bar.

A third option. For folk, celtic and traditional music the Saxaflutes tuned to D are the most popular choice. These are only availble in the Hard wood bamboo and exotic hard woods due to the nature of the design.