Saxophone mouthpieces

Johnny has been making the Saxaflute for over 25 years and has been playing saxophone even longer. He realised at an early stage in his sax playing that the secret to a good sound is a good mouthpiece. While many professional sax players know this and search for the perfect mouthpiece Johnny had the good fortune to be given one of the best mouthpieces ever created before he even owned a saxophone. 30 years later he is still playing on that exact same mouthpiece.

Collecting mouthpieces and selling vintage mouthpieces for decades has lead him to a great understanding of what works and why. Hence, the Saxaflute is constructed using a mouthpiece design perfectly matched to the other materials used. You can get a sound from a sax mouthpiece on a carrot (Linsey Pollack) however shape the inside of that mouthpiece to resonate better with the carrot and you get a whole new super sound from that same carrot.

Vintage and interesting mouthpieces sold in the online shop and a unique service created by Johnny. A travelling music room that invites sax players new and old to sample his collection of mouthpieces at a leisurely time. Email for details and locations. He may be passing through your town shortly.