Festivals, gigs and events 2017

Johnny has travelled extensively with his Saxaflutes. Performing where ever he goes. After spending over a decade in the USA and Canada he finally returned home to Europe. These days are spent in Europe from Germany, Italy and all the way to Cadiz in southern Spain. Returning to his native country England for the season of summer festivals. From Bath to Brighton, London to Edinburgh. During the colder weather he can be found on the beaches of Malaga and Marbella. Almeria and Valencia. A true snow bird playing in the sunshine his Saxaflute.

Selling direct to the people is his passion and loves the reaction on the peoples face when they hear the sound quality of the Saxaflute. Always making time to interact with the curious.

Johnny and his Saxaflutes can be found at some of the greatest and not so great Artist markets in Europe.

Who knows where he will turn up next. Maybe at your local craft fair or Hand made market.